How Much Is Your Pickup Truck Worth at The Car Depot?

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Which Pickup Trucks Have the Best Resale Value?

Do you have a used pickup truck you want to sell? Is it time to sell your Ram 1500 and upgrade to a brand-new model? We know you want to get the most money for your trusty pickup and we can help at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL. Many local drivers have asked – which pickup trucks have the best resale value – and we can help answer your questions here at The Car Depot.

List of the 10 Best Resale Value Trucks

Did you know that pickup trucks maintain resale value better than cars or SUVs? Pickup trucks depreciate an average of 42.7% over a five year period. When you decide to sell your pickup truck there are a lot of features that can have a positive or negative effect on resale value. Popular color options can improve resale value and leather seats will mean you get more for your pickup truck when you choose to sell at The Car Depot – but in the end – popular makes and models that are built to last and in great condition will fetch the best price on the used car market.

Here is a look at the pickup truck makes and models with the best resale value on the current market after five years. To receive a more precise estimate, input your vehicle information on The Car Depot website and we will contact you with an accurate quote for your used pickup truck.

  1. Ford F-250 Super Duty® – 64% Value
  2. Toyota Tacoma – 63.5% Value
  3. Ford F-350 Super Duty® – 62.5% Value 
  4. Toyota Tundra – 62.5% Value
  5. Ford F-150 – 62.4% Value
  6. Chevy Silverado 2500HD – 61.9% Value 
  7. Jeep Gladiator – 61.9% Value 
  8. GMC Sierra 2500HD – 61.8% Value
  9. Chevy Silverado 1500 – 61.7% Value 
  10. GMC Sierra 1500 – 61.3% Value

Honorable Mention – Honda Ridgeline – 60% Value

Honorable Mention – Ram 1500 – 57.3% Value

Honorable Mention – Nissan Frontier – 56.5% Value

Blue 2023 Ford Super Duty Towing a Camper

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Are you ready to sell your truck? You may ask – which pickup trucks have the best resale value? Here is a quick list by The Car Depot to help answer your questions. Contact us today for a more precise value on your pickup truck!

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