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What Do You Need To Do to Sell Your Car in Alabama?

Have you found your dream car online or at a dealership? Do you have a vehicle that you need to sell? Alabama residents who want to sell a used car with no hassle will find an experience to enjoy at The Car Depot. Here at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL – we want to buy your used car and we will pay top dollar based on market values. How to sell a used car may be a mystery for many drivers and we want to help answer questions like – what do you need to do to sell your car in Alabama – with this quick guide.

5 Things You Need To Sell Your Used Car in Alabama

Trying to sell a car on your own can be a pain – but that is where we come in at The Car Depot. We can make the process easier by skipping many of the steps that come with a private sale. No more classified ads on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, no more test drives with strangers and no more price negotiations. Here is a closer look at a few things you need to sell your used car in Alabama.

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Inspection By a Third Party – You are in luck. When you sell your used car to The Car Depot, there is no need for an inspection. Contact The Car Depot team today to get the process started.

Vehicle Information and Records – We want to know the story of your car. This information will allow us to give you the most money for your car, truck or SUV. Find any maintenance records and paperwork related to your used vehicle and we will help you get the best price possible.

Bill of Sale – A Bill of Sale is not required everywhere you go in Alabama – but is a requirement in some counties. The Bill of Sale serves as a record of the transaction for you and the buyer and even if you may not need it, it cannot hurt to have it in your records.

Transfer the Title – When you sell your car, truck or SUV, it is important to transfer the title of the vehicle to its new owner. A vehicle title is a legal document and both buyer and seller will need to have their legal name, address, signature, date of sale, odometer reading and purchase price filled out on the back of the title.

Remove Your License Plates and Cancel Insurance – The last thing you need to do when you sell your car is to remove your license plates and cancel your insurance. If your license plates remain on the vehicle and it is involved in an accident, you may be liable. Alabama license plates must be transferred to a different vehicle or returned to a local licensing official.

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What do you need to do to sell your car in Alabama? If you are ready to sell your car and live in the Birmingham area, this quick overview of how to sell your used car may be helpful, and when you choose The Car Depot – it is even easier. Contact our team today to learn more about The Car Depot!

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