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What Can a VIN Number Tell You About Your Car Value?

Many factors contribute to the value of your used car, truck or SUV and when it is time for you to sell your vehicle, it can be difficult and frustrating to determine the value of your used car. The Car Depot is here to help. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plays an important role in the value of your vehicle when you choose to sell and many potential sellers want to know – what can a VIN Number tell you about your car value? Learn more with a quick overview created by The Car Depot.

What Is the VIN Number?

When your Chevy Silverado is manufactured, it is assigned a Vehicle Identification Number that is a 17-digit code that includes letters and numerals to identify the vehicle year, make, model, trim level, features and more – like a vehicle fingerprint. Vehicles with a VIN Number that is less than 17 characters were manufactured prior to 1981.

Where To Find Your Vehicle VIN Number

Are you looking for the VIN Number on your car, truck or SUV? The VIN Number is located in two primary locations – on the driver’s side dashboard right by the windshield that can be easily read from the outside and on the driver’s side door frame where the door latches. Additional places you can find a VIN Number include your auto insurance policy, the vehicle title and the vehicle registration.

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How To Research a Vehicle By VIN Number

VIN Numbers are important to have when you choose to sell your used car, truck or crossover at The Car Depot. Vehicle Identification Numbers provide information on year, make, model, trim level, features, accident history and title information – which are all important factors in the value of your vehicle. To find the value of your used vehicle, you can visit the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website to find a general value that is based on the vehicle year, make and model. Dealers and buyers have additional access that allows them to search for vehicle values by the VIN Number – just ask to see the value when you visit The Car Depot.

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What can a VIN Number tell you about your car value? Find out how the VIN Number can help you learn more about your car, truck and SUV to find a value. Contact The Car Depot team today to explore the key differences between selling and trading your used vehicle!

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