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What Are the Differences Between AWD and 4WD?

We don’t see snow in Alabama very often – but when we do, it helps to have an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle to handle the inclement weather and slick roads. When faced with inclement weather or rough terrain, AWD and 4WD provide a distinct advantage and many drivers want to know – what are the differences between AWD and 4WD? We can help answer your questions at The Car Depot and when you are ready to sell your AWD or 4WD vehicle, we will pay the best price in the Birmingham area.

How Does AWD Work?

All-wheel drive provides a key advantage when faced with inclement weather – whether it be snow, ice or wet roads and is a key feature for used SUVs. Cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with AWD employ a series of differentials and clutches that send equal amounts of power and torque to each wheel. Full- and part-time intelligent AWD systems will deliver improved traction and acceleration in inclement weather. Full-time AWD systems send equal amounts of power to each wheel at all times. Intelligent part-time AWD systems use a suite of sensors to monitor traction and send additional torque to rear wheels when needed.

How Does 4WD Work?

Four-wheel drive is a key highlight of many used pickup trucks that will upgrade performance on the road and on the trail. Trucks and SUVs armed with 4WD utilize front, rear and center differentials with a transfer case that will send power to all four corners and is more rugged than AWD and ideal for off-road conditions. The majority of 4WD systems employ simple connect and disconnect functions that are activated via a button or dial on the console and provide 4Hi and 4Lo settings.

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Will AWD or 4WD Improve Resale Value?

Do you own an AWD or 4WD vehicle in Birmingham, AL? Are you ready to sell your vehicle? The Car Depot is the best place to sell your used car, truck or SUV and many potential sellers want to know – will AWD or 4WD improve resale value? Yes. AWD and 4WD cost a premium at purchase and that cost is most often reflected when you choose to sell with higher prices. Resale prices will vary based on make, model, mileage and market conditions.

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What are the differences between AWD and 4WD? Find out with this quick guide created by The Car Depot and find out how much value that may add to the sale price. Contact The Car Depot today to learn more about how to get the best value for your used car, truck or SUV!

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