Find Food On the Go in the Birmingham Area at Local Food Trucks

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What Are the Best Local Food Trucks in Birmingham AL?

Are you in a hurry and on the go all the time? Do you struggle to find good food in the middle of your work day? Local food trucks promise delicious on-the-go food options in the Birmingham area that you are sure to love. Foodies in the area who want to try something new and local may want to know – what are the best local food trucks in Birmingham, AL – and we can help at The Car Depot.

Eugene’s Hot Chicken

FOOD TYPE: Chicken Wings and Southern Cuisine

Do you love some great wings or a chicken sandwich? Eugene’s Hot Chicken is a popular option in the Birmingham area that we know you will love. Restaurants in Birmingham and Hoover and a food truck that calls the Birmingham area home ensure you enjoy great chicken no matter where you may be. Do not miss out on the Hot Chicken Po-Boy or Jumbo Chicken Tenders at Eugene’s Hot Chicken.

City Bowls

FOOD TYPE: Acai Bowls

The City Bowls Food Truck is one of the best in Birmingham and a great lunch stop for local foodies who love fresh, healthy food options. Do you love Acai bowls? You will love the menu at City Bowls with fresh fruit, acai, fruit juice, whey protein and a great selection of toppings to choose from. Foodies on a diet will love that most of the menu options at City Bowls are less than 400 calories.

More Local Food Trucks in the Birmingham Area

No matter what kind of food you like – Tex-Mex, chicken wings, cupcakes, donuts, sushi and more – you will find food trucks in the Birmingham area that check all the boxes. Here is a look at more local food trucks that you may want to try and many have food truck, storefront and catering options.

  • Cantina On Wheels Food Truck
  • The Heavenly Donut Co. Food Truck
  • Wasabi Juan To Go Food Truck
  • Dreamcakes Cupcake Truck
  • Devil Dawgs Food Truck
  • Cheezin Food Truck
  • Aww Shucks Food Truck
  • Nawlins Style Po’Boys Food Truck 
  • The Dirty Red Food Truck
  • Fat Charles BBQ Food Truck
  • Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck
  • Beignets and Lattes Food Truck
  • Hyderabad Dum Zone Food Truck
  • The Hot Box Food Truck
  • Saw’s Street Kitchen
White Food Truck on the Street

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What are the best local food trucks in Birmingham, AL? Find a new favorite with this list created by The Car Depot. Contact The Car Depot Team today to get the best price for your used car, truck or SUV in the Birmingham area!

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