Does Your Used Car Need New Tires Before You Sell?

Mechanic Putting a New Tire on a Car

Should I Change My Tires Before I Sell My Car?

To Birmingham-area drivers who are ready to sell their car, it is important to get the best price for your used car, truck or SUV – and fixing a few issues can help. Tires are an important part of vehicle performance and safety and when you are ready to sell your car, you might ask – should I change my tires before I sell my car? We can help answer all of your questions about selling your car, right here at The Car Depot.

What Things Should You Fix Before You Sell Your Car?

Making sure your used car, truck or SUV is in the best mechanical condition it can be – without spending too much money – can really help you get a great price for your vehicle. Potential sellers want to know what they should and should not fix before they sell their car and we can help point you in the right direction at The Car Depot with this quick list.

1. Tires

Tires are the #1 thing on our list of things to fix before you sell your car. Tires impact safety, performance and fuel economy and bald, worn out tires will be a deficit when you decide to sell. Replace old and worn tires before you sell to get the best price possible.

2. Brakes

Worn out brakes can be dangerous when someone gets behind the wheel and no one wants to drive a dangerous car, truck or SUV. Brakes can be expensive to repair – but the investment to repair old brakes will be reflected in the price that you get for your vehicle.

3. Oil Change

Should you change your oil before you sell your car? Yes – it is a good idea. Regular maintenance is always important and an oil change is an affordable way to protect your vehicle and help avoid any red flags when you decide to sell your car, truck or SUV.

4. Windows

Do the windows work on your car, truck or SUV? Power windows are a key feature for many buyers that can be overlooked when you decide to sell and power windows that do not work will take away from the profits you can get when you sell your vehicle.

Close Up of a Hankook Tire

5. Lights

Headlights, brake lights, taillights and turn signals that do not work will put a dent in your profits when you choose to sell. Lights are pretty easy and affordable to replace and it may be a good idea to replace them before you decide to sell your vehicle at The Car Depot.

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Should you change your tires before you sell your car? We make it our goal at The Car Depot to pay you the best price possible for your used car, truck or SUV – and a well maintained vehicle will always receive a better price. Use this list to help you get your vehicle ready to sell in the Birmingham area. Contact The Car Depot today to learn more about the process!

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