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Quick and easy

Quick and easy way tell sell a vehicle. Very friendly staff.
-Clay W.

Very friendly staff

Very friendly staff. Made car selling quick and easy.
-Keegan J.

I’ll definitely be back in the future

It was a bitter sweet moment for me selling HANNAH (my car) BUT CARDEPOT MADE THE EXPERIENCE SMOOTH AND EASY AND COMFORTABLE. I’ll definitely be back in the future

-Chaka P.

Made the entire process short and sweet

After having my car online for a few weeks I heard from the car depot. They made the entire process short and sweet. And offered me waayyyy more than other dealers.

-Janna E.

I cannot be happier

I cannot be happier in my experience with The Car Depot. In full disclosure I contacted The Car Depot out of despair because my experience with Carmigo and Carmax were so poor. I got over $2000 more for my car than I ended up with Carmigo. I was treated with the utmost respect at their office, unlike I was across the street at Carmax AND got hundreds more for my car than they offered. I just wish I would have contacted The Car Depot sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of anguish and frustration. If you want or need to sell your car, don’t end up at The Car Depot, just begin there. You’ll be treated fairly and happy with the result from the start.
-Brian N.

Jamie was an absolute delight

Jamie was an absolute delight to work with. He made the process of selling my car so easy and smooth. Thank you to Jamie and the staff at The Car Depot.

-Kristin A.

Made it quick and easy

We are so excited to sell our truck and get out from under the almost 700$ a month payment. Car depot made it quick and easy. Just wow! Thanks car depot!

-Kimberly C.

I recommend Tom and Car Depot highly

Tom Vosen appraised my 2020 Chevy Blazer and offered me exactly what Kelly Blue Book said in their instant cash offer. So if you need to sell a vehicle I recommend Tom and Car Depot highly!!!!

-Shari N.

I highly recommend Jamie

I went to a high in dealer and they have the perfect car for my needs. They try to low ball me on my trade in. The sales rep at this dealer stated to take it and really find out what it’s worth. I did and The Car Depot gave me $3,500.00 more what they offered. I went back and got the car from the dealer. The sales rep could not believe and ask me twice where I traded it in. I finally told him. I’ll use the sales reps own words. If you want to know what your trade in is really worth take it to The Car Depot. The Car Depot even took me to the bank and then took me home. I highly recommend Jamie Smith. God Bless

-Brad R.

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

Posted my car for sale online. Ella from the Car Depot contacted me about it and asked me a few questions. We worked out a deal in short order, set up an appointment, went in and met with Jamie and Shannon. They wrote me a check for my equity and paid my note off at the bank! Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

-Tom V.

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