Do You Need Liability Protection When You Sell a Used Car at The Car Depot?

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How To Protect Yourself When Selling a Used Car

Is it time to sell your car, truck or SUV? Attempting to sell your used car can be intimidating for many people – but The Car Depot is here to help make the process simple and safe. You may be asking yourself – do I need liability protection when I sell my used car? How can I protect myself when I sell my car? Learn more about how to protect yourself when selling a used car at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL.

How Do I Protect Myself When I Sell My Car in Birmingham AL?

You are in luck – The Car Depot makes selling your used car quick, simple and safe – a true worry-free sales experience. Potential sellers may be stressed about the research, phone calls, test drives, haggling and finances that go with selling a pre-owned vehicle. All of that stress goes away when you choose The Car Depot.

Did you know that you still own a vehicle that has been sold until the title is transferred? When you sell to a private party, liability can be a concern and in a few cases, you could be held responsible for crimes committed in your used car, truck or SUV prior to the title transfer. Payment is an added concern when you sell to a private buyer. To protect yourself when you sell a vehicle privately you will need to:

  • Fill Out a Notice of Sale Form 
  • Keep Your License Plates
  • Confirm that the Buyer Has a Valid License
  • Confirm that the Buyer Has Valid Insurance
  • Remove Any Business Signs or Identifying Marks From the Vehicle
  • Don’t Rely on the Buyer to Fill Out Notice of Sale Forms for You
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What Are the Benefits of Selling Your Car at The Car Depot? 

Do the issues above concern you about selling your used car to a private buyer? Avoid these issues and sell your used car, truck or crossover at The Car Depot. When you choose to sell to The Car Depot, it is as easy as 1-2-3 and you will get the best price for your used car in the Birmingham area. Fill out the online form on the dealership homepage – we want to know your car’s story. When that step is complete, you will receive an instant cash offer – above Kelley Blue Book® value – and you will be paid cash when you deliver your vehicle. It is as easy as that at The Car Depot. 

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Learn how to protect yourself when selling a used car by choosing The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL. We make the sales process simple and safe at The Car Depot. Contact us today to learn more about how it all works!

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