Tips and Tricks to De-Ice Your Windshield in the Winter

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How To Defrost Your Windshield Fast

Winter is coming. December 21 marks the official start of winter, which is just a few weeks away. Like you – we love the warm temperatures here in Alabama – but when winter arrives, it is a rude awakening to wake up to a layer of frost on your car windshield and it can be a pain to try and de-ice your windshield before work. To help you adjust to the cold temperatures this winter, we have created a list of tips and tricks on how to defrost your windshield fast at The Car Depot.

1. Start Your Car, Truck or SUV

Does your car, truck or SUV have remote start? It can come in handy when the temperatures drop. Start your car a few minutes before you need to leave for work and give your vehicle time to warm up and let the windows thaw out.

2. Turn Your Heater On

This one may seem pretty obvious – turn your heater on. When you start your car in the morning, turn your heater setting to defrost and turn the temperature up. This will help eliminate moisture in the air.

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3. Turn Your A/C On

Yes – you heard us right – turn your air conditioning on. The air conditioning and climate control system in your vehicle works to dry out the air in your car and when you turn on the A/C, it will act as a dehumidifier and help to dry that air out and eliminate ice and fog from your windows.  Do not forget to turn off the recirculation air setting. 

4. Crack Your Windows

When the temperatures drop and you get behind the wheel, you will find that the windows tend to fog up – which happens because of the change in temperature inside your vehicle. Crack the windows a little to let more dry air inside. 

5. Scrape Your Windows

Now that you have started to de-ice the windows with the climate control system, you can use a scraper to get rid of excess ice on the exterior of the windshield. Don’t have an ice scraper? Use an old credit car or a de-icing solution that you can make with a ⅓ cup of water and ⅔ cup of isopropyl alcohol. 

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Winter is almost here and many of us here in Alabama are not sure what to do when the temperatures drop. We are here to help at The Car Depot with a quick guide on how to defrost your windshield fast. Contact The Car Depot team today to find out how to get a great price for your used vehicle in the Birmingham area!

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