Where Can I Find Service and Maintenance Records for My Used Car?

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How To Check the Service History on Your Used Car

Is it time for you to sell your car, truck or SUV? When you make the decision to sell your car at The Car Depot, we will need to know the service history of your vehicle. Birmingham-area car shoppers who choose to buy a used car will want the same information and we are here to help at The Car Depot. Learn more about how to check the service history on your used car with this quick overview and get the best price for your car, truck or crossover at The Car Depot.

Where To Find Used Car Service History and Records

We want to know the story behind your used car, truck or SUV to provide you with the best value on the market – and that includes the service history and records. Maybe you bought your used car from a private seller and never knew or maybe you lost track of your own repairs – how do you find that information? There are a few quick and easy ways for you to find the information you need – whether you are buying or selling a used car.

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1. Contact the Car Manufacturer

Sometimes it is best to just go to the source and contact the vehicle manufacturer. With the vehicle VIN Number – located on the dashboard by the windshield, inside the driver’s side door and under the hood – you can get detailed information on the service history of your vehicle from most auto manufacturers, especially if service was performed by OEM technicians.

2. Run a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report

CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports can be a valuable tool in your toolkit when it is time to buy or sell a used car. Online services like CARFAX®, Bumper and AutoCheck® can use the vehicle VIN Number to find and compile service records. Vehicle history reports from these providers will most often include a fee. CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports will start at $39.99.

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Learn how to check the service history on your used car – whether you are buying or selling – with this quick review created by The Car Depot. Contact The Car Depot team today and find out how to get cash fast for your used car, truck or SUV in the Birmingham area!

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