Top 5 Winter Driving Tips for Alabama Drivers

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How To Avoid a Skid on Snow and Ice

We know – snow and ice are uncommon here in Alabama – but you never know what the winter will bring and it is best to be prepared. You may be unfamiliar with winter driving and we are here to help at The Car Depot. Learn more about how to avoid a skid on snow and ice with this list of winter driving tips for Alabama drivers.

Did you know that winter snow and ice causes more than 500,000 accidents each year? Alabama drivers will see a combination of rain, sleet, snow and ice in the winter months that can make the roads treacherous and difficult to drive. With slick roads and decreased visibility, winter driving is dangerous unless you are prepared. Here is a little winter driving advice.

1. Slow Down

Winter snow and ice will decrease traction when you get behind the wheel and the best way to compensate is to slow down. Lower speeds will make it easier for you to stop on slick roads. When roads are slippery, it is recommended that you reduce your speed by a half when faced with snow and ice.

2. Accelerate and Brake Slowly

When you accelerate quickly on snow and ice, it can cause you to lose traction and slide. Accelerate more slowly to gain traction on snow and ice. Slowing down on snow and ice will take more time and if you brake too suddenly, it can cause you to slide out of control.

Close Up of a Car Tire in Snow

3. Increase Following Distance

We are all taught about safe following distances when we go through Driver’s Education – but in the winter months, it is important to increase that distance and give yourself more time to slow down. If you follow too close to the vehicle in front of you and they have to stop quickly, it can lead to disaster.

4. Know Your Car

Does your car, truck or SUV have antilock brakes? Does your vehicle have AWD or 4WD? Understand how your car, truck or SUV performs in winter weather. Antilock brakes will help you stop faster in the winter and AWD will help you accelerate on slick roads.

5. Turn Into the Skid

When you start to slide on winter roads, it is important to know how to correct the slide and stay safe. When your rear wheels start to slide on snow and ice, you will want to turn your front wheels in the same direction that the rear of your vehicle is sliding and straighten your wheels as the vehicle straightens out. Do not panic and oversteer.

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Are you worried about driving on winter roads this year? Learn how to avoid a skid on snow and ice this winter with a list of winter driving tips provided by The Car Depot. Contact The Car Depot today to find out how to get the best price for your car, truck or SUV!

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