Top 5 Ways To Improve Car Resale Value

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How Can You Increase Car Resale Value?

Did you know that your car, truck or SUV decreases in value the moment that you drive it off the lot? Many of the elements that cause your car to lose value are outside of your control – but there are steps that you can take to increase the resale value of your car. When you are ready to sell your car, you may want to know – how can you increase car resale value? Find out with this quick guide created by The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL!

1. Proper Documentation

The proper documentation for your used car, truck or SUV will help improve its resale value. Service records, maintenance records, insurance records and receipts for any upgrades or accessories confirm the sale price and will help tell the story of your vehicle and ensure that you receive the best price possible at The Car Depot.

2. Regular Maintenance and Service

The better condition your car, truck or SUV is in – the better price you will get when you decide to sell at The Car Depot. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle is always running well and is in good condition. Do not miss out on regular maintenance that includes oil changes, tire rotations, brake repair and transmission service.

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3. Make Repairs

Do you have a broken taillight that needs repairs? Is there any exterior damage that your car, truck or SUV needs fixed? To get the best price possible for your vehicle, you will want to make any necessary repairs before you decide to sell.

4. Install Upgrades and Accessories

Did you know that some accessories and upgrades can help improve the resale value of your car? Available upgrades and aftermarket accessories like brand-new alloy wheels, a truck bedliner, an upgraded infotainment system and more can help increase the resale value of your car, truck or SUV. 

5. Have Your Car Appraised

Kelley Blue Book® price estimates can give you a ballpark value of your car, truck or SUV – but it will not be a precise value 100% of the time. Dealerships and private buyers will always make a lower offer than your car is worth and knowing the true value is half the battle. Have your car appraised right here at The Car Depot and we will meet or beat KBB® values.

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How can you increase car resale value? This may be a question you ask when you decide to sell your vehicle and we have the answers you need right here at The Car Depot. Contact The Car Depot Team today to find out which cars, trucks and SUVs have the best resale value in the Birmingham area!

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