Frequently Asked Questions on How To Sell Your Car

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FAQs About Selling Your Used Car

Is it time to sell your beloved 2007 Toyota Camry? Are you excited to purchase your next car, truck or SUV? The Car Depot will pay the best price for your used car in the Birmingham area and we know that you have questions that you need answered. Here are a few FAQs about selling your used car that you may have and the answers you need – provided by The Car Depot.

How Does the Process Work at The Car Depot?

Simple. Input your vehicle information in the online form on our website and we will provide you with a quick and accurate estimate. Just bring your used car, truck or SUV to The Car Depot with your estimate and walk away – cash in hand.

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Will You Buy Any Car?

We want to buy your car, truck or crossover – no matter what condition it is in. We will provide you with a fair and instant cash offer for your vehicle – even if it has been in a recent accident.

Can I Get an Online Estimate?

We want to know the story of your vehicle – the good and the bad – and we will base our estimate on Kelley Blue Book® values. Fill out the online form and get a no-strings-attached cash offer for your vehicle.

Can I Sell a Leased Car?

In most cases – yes – you can sell a vehicle that you have leased. Not all leasing agencies will allow you to sell your vehicle prior to the expiration of the lease, but in many cases, you can sell a leased vehicle and use the quoted cash value to pay the remainder of the lease.

What Documents Do I Need to Sell My Car?

Are you planning to sell your car in Alabama? Here are a few things you need to do to sell your car at The Car Depot – have your vehicle inspected by a third party, have purchase and maintenance records ready to go, provide the bill of sale, have the vehicle title to transfer, remove your license plates and cancel your vehicle insurance.

Can I Sell a Car if All Title Holders Are Not Present?

Do you share the title of your vehicle with a parent or spouse? Not all title holders need to be present for you to sell your car, truck or SUV – but we will need contact information for the other title holder(s) to confirm the sale. In the event that you need to sell the vehicle of a deceased family member – you may need to transfer the title to your name first.

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Here are a few FAQs about selling your used car that may help you navigate the process – and if you live in the Birmingham, AL area – we are ready and willing to buy your car, truck or SUV at The Car Depot. Contact our team today and get the best price for your car!

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