Where To Sell Your AWD or 4WD Truck or SUV in Birmingham AL?

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Do AWD and 4WD Improve Resale Value?

Do you love weekend adventures on the road less traveled? Do you own a 4WD pickup truck that is built for towing? Do you drive an AWD crossover that is perfect for inclement weather and dirt roads? Did you know that some features will improve the resale value of your used car, truck or SUV? If you are ready to sell your pickup truck or SUV, you may have asked – do AWD and 4WD improve resale value? Find out where to get the best price for your car, truck or SUV in the Birmingham area with this quick guide created by The Car Depot.

How Much Does AWD or 4WD Add to Vehicle Resale Value?

Do you encounter dirt trails or gravel roads on your weekend adventures? Do you enjoy spending time in the outdoors? AWD and 4WD can be a benefit when adventure calls – providing more reliable traction on loose terrain and improved traction in wet road conditions. Those are just a few of the benefits of all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. 

An AWD or 4WD vehicle may prove to be the perfect choice for you – but what happens when you choose to sell that vehicle? Innovative AWD and 4WD systems come at a premium price when you purchase them at the dealership, but when it is time to sell your vehicle at The Car Depot, it will improve the resale value of your car, truck or SUV. Vehicles equipped with AWD or 4WD can increase the sale price by as much as $2,000 in select scenarios. The value of an AWD or 4WD vehicle at The Car Depot will vary based on supply, demand, make, model, mileage, location and more.

Red 2023 Toyota Camry Rear Exterior with AWD in Rain
Red 2023 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Grille on a Desert Trail

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Are you ready to sell your car, truck or SUV? You may want to know – do AWD and 4WD improve resale value? Contact The Car Depot today to get an estimate for your used vehicle and to find out how to get the best price in the Birmingham area!

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