What If All Title Holders Are Not Available When You Sell Your Car?

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Do All Title Holders Need to Be Present to Sell Your Car?

When it is time to sell your car, there are a lot of legal ins and outs that can make the process tough to navigate and we are here to help at The Car Depot. Are you ready to sell your first car? Does it have your name and your parent’s name on the title? You may want to know – do all title holders need to be present to sell your car? We can help you answer that question and more that will make your sales process simpler at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL.

Who Needs To Sign the Vehicle Title When You Sell Your Car?

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The vehicle title may be the most important part of the legal puzzle when you sell your car. When you sell your car, truck or SUV, you will need to transfer the title – which requires that you (the seller) and the buyer need to sign the back of the title with relevant information that includes your legal name, address, signature, date, odometer reading and the purchase price. 

In the event that there are two owners on the vehicle title, it gets a little more complicated. When the owners’ names are joined by and or there is no conjunction between the names – both owners must sign the title. When two owners are listed on the title and the names are joined by or or and/or then the law only requires one owner to sign the title. Alabama does not allow more than two owners on a vehicle title. 

What happens if the second title holder for your vehicle is not available? In select situations, the buyer may be able to accept Power of Attorney – which allows someone to sign on that individual’s behalf. In the event that the original title holder is deceased, you may have to transfer the vehicle title to your name prior to the sale. To transfer the title, you will need to take the title and any necessary documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Do all title holders need to be present when you sell your car? This question and many more are important to ask when you choose to sell your car, truck or SUV at The Car Depot. Contact our team today to learn more about The Car Depot process and find out why you should sell your used car for an instant cash offer!

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