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Can I Sell My Leased Car?

Did you just lease a brand-new Honda Accord? Are you unhappy with the car, truck or crossover you are leasing? Are you looking for a way to get out of your lease and find your dream car? You may have wondered – can I sell my leased car? You can – and we are here to help at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL, where we want to buy your car no matter what the year, make and model may be. Learn more about selling your leased vehicle with this quick overview created by The Car Depot!

How To Sell Your Leased Car, Truck or SUV in Birmingham AL

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In many cases – not all – you can sell a leased vehicle. When you are unhappy with your current car, truck or SUV, it is time to upgrade and find your dream car, even if you are in the middle of a lease. Selling a leased vehicle is very similar to selling a vehicle that has been financed and will follow a very similar process. Not all lease companies will allow you to sell the vehicle prior to the lease expiration.  

When you make the decision to sell your leased vehicle, you will want to bring it into The Car Depot and we will provide an appraisal of the vehicle and a cash value. With the completed appraisal, we would then contact the leasing company to determine a payoff quote and any equity that you may have. To estimate the equity of the vehicle, you will want to find the residual value of the vehicle, a current buyout price and the current offer provided by The Car Depot – and you will have to do a little math. The Car Depot is ready to pay above market value for many cars and we may be able to help you out of your lease.      

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Are you stuck in the middle of a lease for a vehicle you no longer love? Have you asked yourself – can I sell my leased car? The answer is yes and we are here to help at The Car Depot. Contact our team today to learn more about what makes The Car Depot different and we will buy your car!

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