Will The Car Depot Buy Cars with Aftermarket Parts and Mods?

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Can I Sell My Car with Aftermarket Parts and Accessories?

Do you own a customized car, truck or SUV? Aftermarket parts, accessories and mods can upgrade the style, performance and utility of your vehicle – and improve the resale value when you choose to sell. Birmingham-area drivers want to know – can I sell my car with aftermarket parts and accessories at The Car Depot? Find out with this quick guide created by The Car Depot Team!

Yes – we will buy your used car, truck or SUV with aftermarket parts, accessories and mods at The Car Depot. When you contact us for a price estimate, we will base the price on Kelley Blue Book® values and we will include any standard OEM features and aftermarket parts in that assessment. The resale value of your vehicle will depend on many factors – of which aftermarket parts and accessories are one.

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Do Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Affect Resale Value?

No matter how you choose to upgrade your car, truck or SUV – aftermarket parts, accessories and mods will have an affect on the resale value of your vehicle. The resale value will be based on what parts, accessories and modifications are on your vehicle – some will increase value and appeal while others will decrease value and appeal. A good rule of thumb is that anything that is more subjective will not increase the resale value as much as an add-on that improves function, utility and safety. Here is a look at aftermarket parts that can increase or decrease the value of your vehicle when you choose to sell – but it will always depend on the current market.

  • Lift Kits on Pickup Trucks – INCREASE
  • Aftermarket Safety Features – INCREASE
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment System in a Family SUV – INCREASE
  • Running Boards – INCREASE
  • Tailgate Steps on Pickup Trucks – INCREASE
  • Tow Hitch Receiver – INCREASE
  • Pinstripes and Graphics – DECREASE
  • Large Spoilers – DECREASE
  • Wheels and Tires – DECREASE

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If you are the owner of a customized car, truck or SUV, you may have asked – can I sell my car with aftermarket parts and accessories? Here is a quick look with a guide created by The Car Depot. Contact The Car Depot today and get the best price for your used vehicle in the Birmingham area!

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