Are Car Appraisals Available Online at The Car Depot in Birmingham, AL?

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Can I Get My Used Car Appraised Online?

It is no secret – we want to buy your car at The Car Depot in Birmingham. No matter what the year, make, model and mileage might be, we will pay top dollar for your used car, truck or SUV and it is our goal to make that sales process as simple as possible for our customers. With that in mind, many potential customers want to know – can I get my used car appraised online? Learn more about the sales process at The Car Depot with this quick guide.

Is an Online Appraisal a Real Cash Offer?

In most cases when you use the Value My Trade-In tool on a dealership’s website – the number you see at the end is just an estimate – and in many cases, the number changes when you drive up to the dealership and they give it an in-person appraisal. The Car Depot does it a little bit differently and we want to provide you with an instant cash offer

When you visit The Car Depot online, you will find an easy-to-use online vehicle appraisal tool. Input your vehicle information to get an immediate and no-strings-attached cash offer that will beat our competitors and when you arrive at the dealership, we will hand you cash for your used car, truck or SUV. Here is a look at the information you will need for a quick and accurate online appraisal:

  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make 
  • Vehicle Model
  • Mileage
  • Does it Run?
  • Is the Title Clear?
  • VIN Number
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Zip Code
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Can I get my used car appraised online? Yes – you can at The Car Depot. We hope this quick overview has illustrated how simple it is to get an instant cash offer for your used car, truck or SUV at The Car Depot with an online appraisal. Contact The Car Depot today to find out how to get the best price for your pre-owned vehicle!

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